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somebody make a wikipedia page for me


U bitch


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frumpy shlumpy fat girls matter too


shout out to all the fat girls not in stylish expensive clothes right now

shout out to the fat girls in giant baggy sweaters, two day old makeup, unwashed hair, and hairy bodies.

You’re damn gorgeous too.

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so my family went to the tulip fields and my little sister didn’t have a good time at all


it is the chosen one

it must be the main character in the anime

It got funnier when I realized just how many tulips are in this picture.

it must be a shiny

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Analyzing Ylvis: Little Brothers and Vocal Arrangements


Anyone discussing Ylvis’ music with me has suffered me going on and on about vocal arrangements. It’s easily the facet of their music that I’m most in awe of.  My gospel choir roots have given me really deep appreciation for harmony and vocal arrangements, and Ylvis are MASTERS at this.   

Here’s how obsessed I am with their vocals; I even asked during the 24hr live stream who arranges their vocals. Bård said they both do, and Vegard blew my mind with, “whoever’s closest to the microphone.” Honestly. I would seriously give up a kidney to sing backups on Massachusetts. Not. Even. Kidding.  Who needs two kidneys anyway…


Anyway - back to the music. All of their songs are masterfully arranged. Whether it’s the use of gospel choirs in Massachusetts and Stonehenge, duets with others or with each other (Ka Kan Eg Gi Deg, The Fox, Someone Like Me), background vocals (Jeg Heter Finn, Jan Egeland), layering their own vocals at different pitches (Pressure), using a crowd chant (Massachusetts, Mr. Toot) - it’s all brilliant.

So imagine my interest when an Ylvis song comes on the scene that doesn’t have a single vocal other than the lead. A lead that isn’t Bård or Vegard. 


In I Will Never Be A Star, unlike all of Ylvis’ other works, the only vocal you hear in the entire song is Bjarte Ylvisåker’s lead. There’s a delayed echo in certain spots, but that’s it. There aren’t any background vocals, there’s no crowd chanting or responding to his pen trick, no harmonies. Just Bjarte.

Believe it or not, the absence of all other possible vocal layers in this song is actually genius vocal arrangement. Here’s why I think so:

1. It adds to the message of the song.

Bjarte sings about the injustice of not being a part of Ylvis, but the inevitability of it all given that he’s not star material. He can’t dance, he has stage fright, and he wouldn’t know what to do with the song.

You know a great way to top a chorus?  Add background vocals to the next chorus. But according to Bjarte, he doesn’t know that stuff. 


2. It reinforces the mood of the song. 

Background vocals, gospel choirs - those can all be used to elevate, depress, change the mood of a song. Consider Stonehenge, where the gospel choir vocals add to the increasing intensity of Vegard’s frustration about Stonehenge.  Or Jeg Heter Finn, where the background vocals kick in when they realize what his name is and the song automatically sounds happier.

There’s no mood change in this song, because the story that Bjarte’s telling is very matter-of-factual. He’s not going to be a star - that’s pretty much it. He can’t handle the stage and never will. He’ll never work up the nerve to show his pen trick without breaking out in a cold sweat, so he sends everyone to Youtube to learn it instead. There’s no need for background vocals, because the story never changes. The end is no different from the beginning.


3. It keeps the song comedic by adding hilarious context.

Isn’t it funny that Bjarte’s singing about how he has so much to live up to from his big brothers, and that they didn’t ask him, and he’ll never be a star…when the big brothers have essentially let him have this moment all on his own?

We know that Bård and Vegard do most of the vocals on their songs, except for what calls for female voices or choirs. We also know that these guys are bloody brilliant at creatively arranging vocals to make a song sound incredible.

So really, what was stopping them from doing their vocal harmony magic on this one? Letting Bjarte have the spotlight with no interference. (sigh) Not sure which I love most with this, the brofeels or the comedic genius.


My usual disclaimer - I’m aware that this is conjecture, that I’m possibly reading too much into this, that the Ylvisåker brothers will roll their eyes.

But really, isn’t it more fun to imagine that they put this much thought into their work? I will always choose to believe that these guys make calculated choices, and the brilliant results we see in their work is because they know what the hell they’re doing.

And Bjarte - you are totally a star. 

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probably the #1 way to get on yura’s favs list tbh

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I’m honestly so happy with sojinist, it’s so pretty o3o

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Instant Karma Gifs

These are so brilliant.

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it’s so rare that you meet someone who makes you feel so warm and happy like they are like sunshine and you just want them around all the time

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